Selasa, 10 Jun 2014

Ramadan is around the corner

Assalamualaikum and a very good afternoon. Oh what type of nowadays lady if she woke up in the middle of the day ? crap* I don't know what to say, its like a trend which most of girls now like to stay up until the morning because of social networking stuff and some more thing in this internet world. Is that including me? yeah I guess. I hope my future husband don't angry with me because of this thing. Or maybe my future mother in law will angry with this type of lady. gulp* gulp* no I won't let this happened to me again. Hey this is not the point I wrote. You guys must be wondering why I'm writing in English, where is Bahasa Melayu ? People I'm not forgetting my mother's tongue because I was raised by this language.

Why not if I'm trying to write in English. Even my English is suck, but at least I've tried my best ! Maybe so many grammatically error on it I hope there's someone out there can teach me. HAHA no need I just use it sometimes because yes people I do love LANGUAGE ! Including Arab language, because I was planning I want to take that course during my 8th semester after I had finished my 7th semester of practicum session at school. Hey I'm so excited to learning Arab more than I expect before this ! :)

And for your information guys, I am one of the big fan of Adam Salleh ! who's that guy ? yeah Its a famous youtubian ! oh what you called if someone who entertained people by doing videos on youtube ? I do forget that word for it. Let me find it soon. If I got that word for it. Alright. Adam Salleh is an Arab guy who educate public about so many good things. Check out their channel on youtube, TrueStoryASA ! I've already followed them since last year. Suggested by my dear Farah Nabilah (my truly sister) I was addicted with them.

By the way, Ramadan is around the corner. So excited right ! yeah ! :) I love Ramadan .

That's their trademark from their vlogger ! I suggest you guys to watch them .