Khamis, 22 April 2010

im timekeeper! school sports day..

heyyow everybody out there..
im telling the truth that im lil lazy rite now..why? hurmmm..
cuz lil bit school having a sports day today..then im and ainun
be a timekeeper for 100 meters's difficult to watch all students but
i got my assistent rite there which is GAY boy..hahaha..naahhh..forget about it okay..
now im alone sitting over the the's will raining or not..?? try to peredict..
hahaha..(btl ke ayt aku nie???) bantai jer long im try to speak..not like the others..
urmmm..fell wanna sleep but i can't..hurmmm..what should i do huh?? wt last preparation la jap lg..hahaha..(asal aku asyik gelak jer?)

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