Jumaat, 18 Mac 2011

a peace of mind

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to all.

actually i do not now why i am doing that?
what for a reason?
it's just only the fake or real feeling?
yaAllah i am doing what?

just say i need you when i need it
if true you are the one?

which part should i choose?
it is in my right side?
it is in my left side?

being myself and do what am i want is a peaceful
don't forcing me for facing it

my felling are mixed
with happy and sadness
it's just a dream or in the mean time i feel so in trouble

should i care about it?
yaAllah give me strenght to face all of these exam.

past is past
new life should begin and no more world
and just for end of the world

please send a peace of mind
for give me strong in whatever i do.

p/s: tiba-tiba je keluar ayat bahasa inggeris ni (luahan tak kesampaian) hanya ana je yang faham. mengantok nye T_T (bengkak la lagi mataku ini)

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